Tassie Stories

We’ve launched a campaign featuring Tasmanians from different walks of life. Watch our tv ad below, which includes a Reverend, a business leader, a grandmother and a couple of farmers talking about why they support marriage equality.

Launceston business leader and champion of industry, Ray Mostogl: “It’s illegal to discriminate in a workplace because of someone’s sexuality. Voting ‘yes’ removes this legal discrimination that’s in our community.”

Reverend Ian Carmichael from Penguin: “I believe the commitment in the gospels is to fully allow love and commitment and to allow all relationships to flourish.”

Hobart grandmother Elsa Schwan: “I believe people who love each other and want to marry should be able to.”

Wynyard dairy farmers Matt and Andy Jackman urge Tasmanians to vote “yes” for marriage equality. “I haven’t always supported marriage equality but as you grow older I think you understand people more and I’ve changed my mind,” Matt Jackman.