• September 25, 2017

Spokesperson for Tasmanians United for Marriage Equality Robin Banks said the LGBTI community needed the support of their fellow Tasmanians more than ever following vile signs erected by neo-Nazis at the University of Tasmania.

“The messages contained in these posters are some of the most violent and homophobic we’ve seen. They represent the worst of the worst in Australian society.

“For a young gay or trans person to see messages like this as they walk to classes would be deeply hurtful.

“We urge Tasmanians to show their support for LGBTI friends and family members by voting ‘yes’ for marriage equality and letting them know that they have.”

The posters come just days after a transgender teenager was allegedly attacked in the Hobart CBD by someone yelling abuse at the “yes” campaign for marriage equality.

“Whether you are a former Prime Minister or a teenager, all Australians must be able to feel safe on the streets of our cities,” said Ms Banks.

“Both sides of the marriage equality debate and our political leaders must speak strongly and clearly in condemning this act of violence.”

Ms Banks encouraged Tasmanians to reach out to the LGBTI community and offer their support.

“As Tasmanians we stand together against hate, homophobia and prejudice,” she said.

Ms Banks also encouraged LGBTI people who were feeling anxious or vulnerable to seek the support of family and friends. A range of support services are also available.