• October 3, 2017

With voter turnout likely to be a key deciding factor in the marriage equality postal survey, a number of high profile Tasmanians are part of a push to get young people to the post box.

North Melbourne footballer Ben Brown, punk rock band Luca Brasi and owner of the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary Greg Irons, are all part of a social media campaign launched today by Tasmanians United for Marriage Equality. Check out the videos on our Facebook page.

TUME spokesperson Andrew Badcock said the group had switched gears from influencing hearts and minds to encouraging as many supporters as possible to participate in the survey.

“If your survey is still sitting on the kitchen bench, under a pile of junk mail and some unpaid bills, dig it out, tick yes and get some fresh air as you walk to the nearest post box. You will be helping to make history.

“If you haven’t received a survey, you can request a new one via the Australian Bureau of Statistics, either online or on the phone.”

The campaign will harness social media to engage with young people, a demographic with the highest support for marriage equality but often the lowest participation rates.

It will also include a Luca Brasi gig with members of the popular band, originally from St Helen’s, playing an acoustic set at <details>.

In a video message to young Tasmanians, Luca Brasi guitarist and vocalist Pat Marshall said:

“Young people could end up swaying this decision… You want to be on the right side of history and it could make a big impact on people’s lives.”

The videos also contain messages of support to the Tasmanian LGBTQI community, including this message from Ben Brown:

“There are so many people supporting you and that are behind you … We know this is a tough time for you but I think everyone should have the right to love who they want to love and marry who they want to marry so let’s get this through.”